Sustainability Policy

The Board acknowledges that a company will be judged not solely on its financial performance, but increasingly on its wider impact and role within society. The Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 recommends the Board to ensure the company’s strategies promote sustainability especially in the aspect of environment, social and governance.

As such, the Board is pleased to set out below its sustainability commitment that will provide positive impact towards the company’s sustainable development.

Dolomite Corporation Berhad will:
  1. Responsibly source and efficiently manage all materials and resources we use
  2. Invest in people to provide them with the skills to thrive in an adapting world
  3. Support the communities in which we operate and those impacted upon by our activities
  4. Ensure the health and safety of all those who work for us, and those that can be affected by our services
  5. Comply with environmental rules and regulations
  6. Run an ethical business
In addition to our sustainability commitments, Dolomite Corporation Berhad ensures its principles are clearly set out through a number of policies such as the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, we consider strong governance, stakeholder engagement and effective communication and transparency to be essential elements of sustainability.

Sustainability is an integral part of our core business strategy and the Board will provide top level governance to reflect the importance and broad scope of the sustainability agenda. The Board is supported by the Managing Director and Management Team which has been tasked to debate and discuss key issues and set objectives going forward. The Managing Director and the Management Team will look to consider how we can improve our sustainable performance internally and what can we offer to our customers to help support their agendas.

Dolomite Corporation Berhad also seek to engage with a raft of stakeholders including clients, suppliers, consultants and employees to understand their needs and allow us to influence in relation to sustainability. We feel that effective channels of communication for this engagement are essential for seeking continuous economic, social and environmental improvement in relation to service delivery.

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